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A feature rich iOS mobile application developed by Shinetech Software
Cross platform e-Commerce application built on Magento
A legacy software system built on Microsoft .NET with SQL server
Hybrid NodeJS and PHP IoT platform built by Shinetech Software
SaaS application built by Shinetech Software for a Startup
AWS & Cloud server solutions provided by Shinetech Software

Overcoming IT challenges through a remote software development team

The client, looking to expand their IT team, turned to Shinetech to solve this challenge. As a result of partnering up, Shinetech teams of experts worked together with the client’s local teams to develop great Java products.

System Maintenance & Support for Medical Device Manufacturer

The FDA introduced a new labelling requirements for healthcare products, Shinetech took over from a previous vendor to integrate and transform their system to meet the new FDA standards, while adding new functions to increase efficiency.

Intelligent Farming System

Shinetech built a system to track farm machinery and monitor weather conditions to calculate the best planting programs. Shinetech achieved this by integrating with proprietary hardware using NodeJS.

iOS Track Day Recording

Shinetech built a feature-rich iOS mobile application that allows users to track, analyze, and share their race track performance as well as purchase additional feature via in-app purchases.

Developing a Magento eCommerce Solution for a Global Enterprise

Shinetech built a brand new eCommerce site for this client's China headquarters which lead to the client’s sales increase by 300%~400% the same year.

Startup SaaS reseller platform

Australian based Startup wanted to build a SaaS platform for the office automation market. Shinetech worked with the client to built it for them.

Cloud Based Online Sports Platform

Shinetech built & deployed a future-proof cloud solution that cut in half the clients annual development costs as well as speeding up their deployment time by 85%.
We have built rock solid and scalable enterprise grade software for some of the largest corporations in the world.
Understanding how to interface with 3rd party APIs and hardware has made Shinetech a premium provider in IoT integration
With over 200 completed projects for both native and web-based mobile applications, Shinetech are confident we can deliver your app
We understand the cost of building new software, that's why we also specialize in working with & improving legacy software systems
We’ve powered the sales & delivery for hundreds of eCommerce platforms making sure customers get their products and the seller gets paid on time
Starting up is hard, missteps in budget & scope can have devastating consequences, Shinetech can work on a budget and deliver your vision with no drama
We have built massive cloud platforms that serve thousands of concurrent users that act as the backbone for best in class enterprise platforms

Who we have worked with

Over our 18 years in software development we have had the privilege of working with some of the world's largest brands as well as trailblazing startups.

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What our clients are saying

We believe in full transparency, this has allowed us to keep our clients happy and returning for more (75% of our customers are recurrent).
Steve Middeldorp Managing Partner, ClearCost Software
"…The quality of the work was excellent. Our own developers accessed that work and said it was very good... That plus the good customer service ethic. Obviously Shinetech like everyone else was trying hard to impress us to be very helpful. I think that was more than just the window dressing to get the job. It seems to be a part of your culture. In the 10 or 12 years we've been running with Shinetech, one thing that always impresses me is your quality of the service I think. You very much recognize and go the extra mile as we see. We have our own business analysis capabilities, but the actual development capabilities are now largely run by Shinetech... the decision (to choose Shinetech) was a success to good skills, cost-effective way and to have the ability to control the value of the skill sets. "
Chaitanya Konkepudi IT Business Engagement Manager, Chemist Warehouse
"My experience of working with the team of Shinetech is always 100% positive. I found every team member attentive to our needs, professional, open-minded, committed, and available to talk to us whenever needed. Even though our association started with SharePoint, we started involving them in all other strategic projects, exceeding our expectations. The team is really awesome, always putting their best efforts. I hope to continue to work with each and everyone of the wonderful team for a long time in the future. Thank you to each and every member of the team, and thank you Shinetech administration team."
Lance Nuttall
CEO, NUpoint
"Leon and his team were responsible for developing our software system and the hardware integration. His technical knowledge, leadership and experience working in software technology has been impressive. The team are talented, efficient, dedicated and extremely resourceful, they have developed a system which is adaptable to any industry."
Neil Campbell
Managing Director, inNovated Leasing
“Quick responses to requests and strong work ethic are appreciated. Good communication is essential to outcome focused IT development and in this the Shinetech developers excel. Confidence and peace of mind are the result. I highly recommend Shinetech as an outsourcing solution. My only regret is not outsourcing to Shinetech's development team earlier.”
Terry McMillan
Founder & CEO, AccountAbility Access Pty Ltd
"AccountAbility have worked with Shinetech in a very effective relationship continuously since 2007. Shinetech deliver a consistently high standard of work. We find all of the Shinetech people we deal with to be skilled, productive and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Shinetech."

What we do right

Dedicated Scaleable Teams
Our philosophy of great developers make great software has allowed us to amass a large team of talented developers from across the globe who all have a shared goal of creating and delivering the best software for a huge array of clients.
1 Week Free Trial
Share with us a specific requirement such as a module or function point that needs further development. You’ll then be able to try our services risk-free for one week to learn about our working methods, all before signing a final contract. Start a trial project now, risk free.
Tailor Made
Handcrafted execution plans made to fit your needs, with dynamic agile development sprints.
Available in your Timezone
With over 8 offices around the globe, we are at your beck and call 24/7 and compliant with local laws and regulations.
Quickly go to Market
Using modern agile techniques and flexible contracts, our developers can deliver your project at rocket fast speeds.
Ironclad Security
We understand the importance of your company's confidentiality & intellectual property. Along with modern security policies & methods, our commitment to excellence, Shinetech has a long history of protecting clients from any breaches in IP for over 18 years.
75% of our Business is Recurring
We make sure customers are fully satisfied & confident in our work by adopting agile methodologies for not only our software but our entire business culture. We find that offering clients more flexible contracts with a dynamic approach makes us very easy to work with and our customers want to keep working with us.

You can also see our " secret sauce" to find out more about how we do things.

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